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Daily Fantasy Racing

Three Wide Media National Fantasy Leagues



National Sprint Car Events National Late Model Events
Date Track Winners
7/15/14 Lernerville Speedway Donny Schatz
8/9/14 Knoxville Nationals Donny Schatz
10/4/14 National Open  
Date Track Winners
6/28/14 Lernerville Speedway Darrell Lanigan
9/6/14 Eldora Speedway Scott Bloomquist
9/27/14 Knoxville Raceway  
Registration Closed
Registration Closed

All Star Circuit of Champion Fantasy Leagues
  ASCoC Race Results
Registration Closed

View Final Top Teams in League Standings

Date Track Winner
9/7 Port Royal Speedway Don Kreitz Jr
9/1 Wayne County Speedway Cole Duncan
8/24 Mercer Raceway Park Danny Holtgraver
8/17 Butler Motor Speedway Dave Blaney
Lernerville Fab Four Fantasy League
Registration Closed 2014 Lernerville Speedway Winners
View League Standings
Date Division Winner
8/15 Sprint Cars Carl Bowser
  Super Late Models Jared Miley
  Big Block Modifieds Rex King Jr
  Sportsman Joe Kelley

Knoxville Championship Cup Fantasy League
Registration Closed Knoxville Raceway Fantasy Race Winners
View League Final Standings and History
Date Division 360 Winner
8/23/14 410 Sprints Mark Dobmeier
  360 Sprints Matt Moro
  305 Sprints Dustin Clark


Williams Grove Fantasy League
Registration Closed Williams Grove Speedway Fantasy Race Winners
View League Standings and History
Date 410 Winner 358 Winner
9/12 Rodney Westhafer Kevin Nouse
8/8 Don Kreitz Jr Kevin Nouse
7/25 Brent Marks Doug Hammaker
7/11 Stevie Smith Kevin Nouse

Fremont/Attica Sprint Title Fantasy League
Registration Closed Fremont/Attica Sprint Title Race Winners


View League Final Standings
Date Track 410 Winner 305 Winner


PA Posse Fantasy League
Registration Closed Wayne County Speedway Winners
Date Event/Track Winner
2-22-14 ICE Breaker  

Supercross Fantasy League
Registration Closed 450 SX Race Winners
View Top Teams in League Standings
Date Track Winner
5/3 Vegas Ryan Villopoto
4/26 New York Ryan Villopoto
4/12 Seatttle Ryan Villopoto
4/5 Houston Ryan Villopoto



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