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The 2013  All Star Sprint Fantasy League is now taking registrations!  All All Star Drivers are available. ( 2013 Roster Sets ) You may change 1 driver or all 5 drivers with 1 move. Duplicated Drivers will say Illegal Pick and not scored unless a Roster change is made.




All Star Circuit of Champions Fantasy League Links
Registration Closed
Points System
1st  40pts
2nd 20pts
3rd 10pts
Wild Card - 20 Point Bonus

News, Prize changed

Top Prize-(2) Tickets to All Star Race at Fremont on 9/13/13 and 9/14/13







2013 All Star Circuit of Champions Fantasy Schedule and Results

March, 30
Attica Raceway Park 
Ohio Dale Blaney Sheldon Haudenschild Randy Hannagan
April, 26
Williams Grove Speedway
East Don Krietz Jr Fred Rahmer Tim Shaffer
April, 27
Port Royal Speedway 
East Doug Esh Brad Sweet Dale Blaney
May, 10 Lernerville Speedway Ohio Rained out    
May, 26
Fremont Speedway 
Ohio Dale Blaney Craig Mintz Shane Stewart
June, 14 Williams Grove Speedway East Danny Dietrich Lance Dewease Tim Shaffer
June, 15
Lincoln Speedway 
East Alan Krimes Danny Dietrich Stevie Smith
June, 21 Attica Raceway Park Ohio Chris Andrews Dale Blaney Caleb Griffith
June, 24 Wayne County Speedway Ohio Shane Stewart Tim Shaffer Danny Holtgraver
June, 28 Limaland Motorsports Park Ohio Jac Haudenschild Danny Holtgraver Tim Shaffer
June, 29 Fremont Speedway Ohio Dale Blaney Kyle Larson Shane Stewart
July, 6 Mercer Raceway Park Ohio Danny Holtgraver Cap Henry Tim Shaffer
July, 18 Fonda Speedway East Danny Dietrich Tony Stewart Cap Henry
July, 20 Wilmot Raceway Great Plains Dale Blaney Tim Shaffer Danny Holtgraver
July, 27
Jackson Speedway
Great Plains  Travis Whitney Jac Haudenschild Dale Blaney
August, 11
Husets Speedway
Great Plains  Mark Dobmeier Dale Blaney Cap Henry
August, 17
Butler Motor Speedway
 Ohio Dave Blaney Dale Blaney Tim Shaffer
August, 24 Mercer Raceway Park Ohio Danny Holtgraver Andrew Palker Dale Blaney
Sept, 1 Wayne County Speedway Ohio Cole Duncan Dean Jacobs Andrew Palker
Sept, 7 Port Royal Speedway East Don Kreitz Jr Danny Dietrich Brian Montieth

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