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Frequently Asked Questions about Fantasy Dirt Racing
Question How do I navigate around Fantasy Dirt Racing.Com?
To navigate to different pages on Fantasy Dirt Racing you will see all links to internal pages are shaded in blue, simply click on the blue words and it will take you to that page.
Question Does it cost anything to enter a Fantasy League?
No, all track and sanction Fantasy Leagues are free.
Question If I win a prize how will I receive it?
All Prizes will be shipped to you for free, or will be held at track offices, Pit windows for you to redeem. 
Question Can I enter a league multiple times?
No, In order to keep the leagues fair for everyone you are only allowed to enter each league 1 time.
Question Can I enter all the leagues?
Yes, 1 entry per person, per league is allowed 
Question Myself and another family member have entered in the same league and only 1 team is showing Why?
Only 1 email address per entry is allowed, if multiple members of your family enter a league they must sign up using different email address from the one you used.  
Question My team was not scored on the last fantasy race why?
You did not set your roster "Wild Card" for the prior race, All roster sets must be completed for your team to receive points for each race
Question My "Wild Card" or team is shaded in red and was not scored why?
All core drivers that you pick are not eligitable to be "Wild Card" drivers on your team, if your lineup is illegial it will be shaded in red. 
Question Do I need to set my "Wild Card" every Roster set?
Yes, "Wild Cards" will not carry over from roster set to roster set, if you do not set your roster your team will not be scored. 
Question Can I change one of my original drivers?
The only way a core driver (Drivers picked at registration) are able to be changed is if a driver is injured, or retires and is not running at that track anymore. 
Question I Picked Driver X and driver Y drove his car last night why was driver X not given points?
Your driver scores points not the car.  When you pick a driver you will earn points in any car that they drive.
Question When can I change or set my "Wild Card"
"Wild Cards" and rosters sets are on a set schedule as defined on the leagues homepage.   
Question I set my "Wild Card" last week can I change it?
It depends on the "Wild Card" roster set schedule,  you are only allowed to set your "Wild Card" once a month or for a set number of races as in the All Star and Lowe's leagues, their is no execption to this rule, once your "Wild Card" has been set for upcoming races that driver will remain your "Wild Card" till the next scheduled "Wild Card" roster set.  
Question My Team was deleted, why?
Teams may be deleted if we find you have signed up multiple times in the same league, or if your email address is invaled.
Question How do I set my "Wild Card"?
To set your lineup you must visit the teams page for that league and click on your team name.  Once you set your lineup it is official and not able to be changed till the next "Wild Card" roster set.  To be reminded of roster sets sign up for the newsletter for that league.
Question I have registered but I can't find my team?
Once you register your team will be entered into the league overnight or within 24 hours, all teams are listed on the leagues team page in alphabetical order.  
Question I have tied with another team at the end of season how will you determine what prize I will receive?
All ties are broken in this order: 1. We will add up core drivers wins for the season team with most wins will win tie 2. If tie still exists after 1. we will hold a random drawing to determine the prize.
Question I set my roster on the day of the race what time is the cutoff for "Wild Card" roster sets?
All roster sets are cutoff when the pit gate opens for drivers on the day of the race.
Question Where do I view the leagues upcoming races?
Visit the leagues homepage, this is found from Fantasy Dirt Racing's homepage, you will see a link that says view league homepage and schedule.
Question Why are parts of the website's writing colored in blue?
These are links, click on them to visit other pages on Fantasy Dirt Racing.
Question What is a fantasy newsletter?
The Fantasy Newsletters will notify you of league registration, "Wild Card" roster sets, and general league information.
Question Do you share my personal information (Email Address, Phone Number, Mailing Address)?
No, at Fantasy Dirt Racing we value our users privacy, all information collected is used for contacting winners of fantasy leagues. 
Question I like this site and what it stands for, how can I help support it?
Their are multiple ways you can help support the future of Fantasy Dirt Racing; tell your friends about this site, talk to drivers and advertisers about the quality of this site, donations to this site are also accepted click on the paypal link at the bottom of the page.  
Question Why is my favorite track or sanctioning series not part of Fantasy Dirt Racing?
The tracks and sanctions we partner with are interested in Fantasy Racing and providing it for their fans, not all tracks/sanctions see the need for Fantasy Racing, we would advise you to talk/email the track/sanction and let them know how much fun Fantasy Dirt Racing is.
Question I love the photos I see on Fantasy Dirt Racing, are they for purchase?
The photos with the trademark Fantasy Dirt Racing are for sale, visit the Fantasy Dirt Racing photo album for more info.  
Question I have won a prize in my league, but my contact information has changed what do I do?  
If you contact information has changed from the original information you gave us at registration it is your reponsibily to contact Fantasy Dirt Racing, by the contact/about us link and notify us of the changes.
Question I won my league but my prize was awarded to another team why?
At the competion of the Fantasy Racing season in each league we email the winners of the leagues they have 72 hours to respond to the email to claim their prize, if you do not respond to this email within 72 hours we give the prize to the next highest scoring team.  
Question This being a free website that offers prizes, how does Fantasy Dirt Racing continue to operate without losing money?
As you know it can be very expensive to operate a website, we are fortunate to have site sponsors without the site advertisers we would not be able to operate Fantasy Dirt Racing, please support the businesses who advertise with Fantasy Dirt Racing by visiting their sites and purchasing their products.  
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