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Fremont/Attica Sprint Title Fantasy League
Registration Closed Fremont/Attica Series Fantasy Champions
Top 3 Teams
  1. Ohio Dirt Fan
  2. Fort Seneca Giants
  3. Kentballin
View Final League Standings
Year Champion
2013 OhioDirtFan
2012 OhioDirtFan
2011 Push Jeep 15

2013 Fremont/Attica Sprint Title Fantasy League

Fantasy Dirt Racing 2013 F.A.S.T Fantasy Leagues allows you to compete against friends and other fans from around the world!

Driver Rankings

Drivers available for the 2013 F.A.S.T. Fantasy League will be from the 410 and 305 Sprint Divisions

Fremont/Attica Sprint Title Fantasy League Schedule

The Fantasy League will run concurrent with F.A.S.T. events

Tentative Points Breakdown:
1st     50 pts
2nd    46 pts
3rd    44 pts
4th    42 pts
5th    40 pts
6th    38 pts
7th    36 pts
8th    34 pts
9th    32 pts
10th    30 pts
11th    28 pts
12th    26 pts
13th    24 pts
14th    22 pts
15th     20 pts
16th    18 pts
17th    16 pts
18th    14 pts
19th    12 pts
20th    10 pts
21st    10 pts #
22nd    10 pts # 
Hard Charger - 2 pts
# = if needed
Points are accumulated threw the entire fantasy racing season, new for 2013 "Wild Card"roster sets have been eliminated, you will pick a "Wild Card" at registration. Each team will now receive 4 anytime roster changes. To submit a roster change click on your team name and fill out the form all 5 drivers are available to be changed.
2013 Registration
Registration is Free. There will be a maximum of 500 teams in this league. To view the official terms and agreements click here
Free to Enter
Pick Your Core Drivers
At Registration you will pick 5 Drivers, 2 for each track and 1 305 driver, these drivers(Core Drivers) will be part of your team for the entire Fantasy Racing Season.
"Wild Card"Drivers
During Registration you will be able to pick 1 additional driver "Wild Card" this driver can not be one of your core drivers,the points this driver earns will be double.


Prize Packages:

1st Place - Ticket (1) to the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car event on Friday, September 28th at Fremont Speedway & F.A.S.T. Hat

2nd Place – F.A.S.T. T-Shirt & Decal


3rd Place - F.A.S.T. Hat & Decal














Fremont/Attica Sprint Title Fantasy Schedule and Results...To View Full Results Visit the Official FAST Site
Date Track Division 1st Place (410) 2nd Place (410) Hard Charger (410) 1st Place (305) 2nd Place (305) Hard Charger (305)
4/19 Attica 410,305 RAINED OUT
4/20 Fremont 410,305 Tim Shaffer Craig Mintz Cole Duncan John Ivy Bobby Clark Dustin Dinan
4/26 Attica 410 Brian Smith Craig Mintz Duane Zablocki      
4/27 Fremont 410 Greg Wilson Cole Duncan Chris Andrews      
5/11 Fremont 410,305 Cap Henry Chris Andrews Bryan Sebetto Nate Dussel John Ivy Bobby Clark
5/17 Attica 410 Danny Holtgraver Dale Blaney DJ Foos      
5/18 Fremont 410 Greg Wilson D.J. Foos Greg Wilson      
6/07 Attica 410,305 Bryan Sebetto Dale Blaney Brian Lay Dustin Dinan Nate Dussel Jason Keckler
6/08 Fremont 410,305 Caleb Griffith Tim Shaffer DJ Foos Nate Dussell TJ Mitchell Alvin Roepke
6/14 Attica 410 Byron Reed Craig Mintz Dean Jacobs      
6/15 Fremont 410 Byron Reed Bryan Sebetto Dean Jacobs      
7/26 Attica 410,305 Travis Philo Craig MIntz DJ Foos Dustin Dinan John Ivy TJ Michael
7/27 Fremont 410,305 Chris Andrews Stuart Williams Jody Keegan Dustin dinan Nate dussell Paul Weaver
8/02 Attica 410 RAINED OUT
8/03 Fremont 410 Byron Reed Craig Mintz Dean Jacobs      
8/17 Attica 410,305 Brian Lay Chris Andrews Andrew Palker Nate Dussel John Ivy Jordan Ryan
9/07 Fremont 410,305 Chris Bell Brian Lay Byron Reed John Ivy Dean Jacobs Seth Schneider

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