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Knoxville Championship Cup Fantasy League
Registration Closed Knoxville Championship Cup Fantasy Champion
View League Final Standings and League History
Year  Team Champion
2013 14fan
2012 Hose
2011 Winning It All
2010 Northstar
2009 MRI


2014 Knoxville Raceway Fantasy League
Fantasy Dirt Racing Knoxville Fantasy League allows you to compete against friends and other fans from around the world!
Drivers available for the Knoxville Fantasy League will feature 410 Sprint Cars,360 Sprint Car Drivers,and 305 drivers. All drivers that race at Knoxville Raceway are available
Knoxville Fantasy Schedule
The Fantasy League will start on May 04, 2013 and run through August 24th, their are 17 scheduled races, if a race is rained out we will try to make it up. 
Scoring System
The Scoring System is simple, if a driver wins a race he will receive 10 points, 2nd Place will score 5 Points third place 3 Points, all "Wild Card" driver points are double.  Points are accumulated threw the entire fantasy racing season.  Each team will now receive 3 anytime roster changes.  To submit a roster change click on your team name and fill out the form all 5 drivers are available to be changed. All ties will be broken using a random draw.
Registration is Free and all teams are subject to the Official Rules and Agreements, to view the official terms and agreements click here .There will be a maximum of 300 teams in this league

1st Pair of season tickets for the 2015 season;

2nd Pair of tickets to the 2015 360 Knoxville Nationals

3rd Pair of tickets to the 2015 Late Model Knoxville Nationals

Free to Enter
Pick your Core Drivers
At Registration you will pick two 410 Drivers, one 360 each division,and one 305 driver. these drivers (Core Drivers) you will also pick a "wild Card" driver
Roster Changes
Each team will be awarded 3 roster changes during the season.  Each roster change can involve between 1 and all drivers on a current roster.  After a team has used all of their roster changes the fantasy team roster will be locked for the remainder of the season.

 Knoxville 2014 Fantasy Schedule and Race Results

Date 410 360 305
4/26 Winners Craig Dollansky Billy Alley Matthew Stelzer
2nd Place Terry McCarl Jon Agan Kade Higday
3rd Place Lynton Jeffrey Justin Henderson Steve Breazeale
5/3 Winners Brian Brown Joe Beaver J Kinder
2nd Place Terry McCarl Jamie Ball M. Stelzer
3rd Place Craig Dollansky Justin Henderson Steve Breazeale
5/10 Winners Brian Brown Joe Beaver Matthew Stelzer
2nd Place Ian Madsen Jonathan Cornell J Kinder
3rd Place Dusty Zomer Jon Agan Steve Breazeale
5/17 Winners Brian Brown Brian Brown Steve Breazeale
2nd Place Lynton Jeffrey Russ Hall Mike Philben
3rd Place Bronson Maeschen Jack Dover Matthew Stelzer
5/24 Winners Craig Dollansky Jason Johnson Kevin Hetrick
2nd Place Davey Heskin Russ Hall Mckenna Haase
3rd Place Justin Henderson Jon Agan Mitchell Alexander
5/31 Rained Out    
6/7 Rained Out    
6/21 Craig Dollansky Jamie Ball J Kinder
2nd Place Justin Henderson Justin Henderson Kevin Hetrick
3rd Place Brian Brown Nate Van Haaften Mitchell Alexander
6/28 Rained Out    
7/5 Rained Out    
7/12 Rained Out    
7/19 Winners Justin Henderson Dusty Zomer Devin Kline
2nd Place Ian Madsen Justin Henderson J Kinder
3rd Place Wayne Johnson Calvin Landis Steve Breazeale
7/26 Winners Ian Madsen Justin Henderson Did not Race
2nd Place Dusty Zomer Josh Baughman  
3rd Place Craig Dollansky Calvin Landis  
8/23 Winners Mark Dobmeier Matt Moro Dustin Clark
2nd Place Terry McCarl Tasker Phillips Stacey Alexander
3rd Place Dusty Zomer Carson McCarl Kevin Hetrick

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