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Midwest Open Wheel Association Fantasy League

Registration Closed MOWA Fantasy Team Champions
View Final  League Standings
Year Winner
2013 MOWA Fantasy League
Fantasy Dirt Racing 2013 MOWA Fantasy Leagues allows you to compete against friends, Drivers and other fans from around the world!
Driver Rankings
Drivers available for the 2013 MOWA Fantasy League will feature MOWA tour drivers, drivers who race the MOWA series are available
MOWA Racing Schedule
The Fantasy League will run concurrent with MOWA Action events.
Improved Scoring System
The Scoring System will follow MOWA A-main points excluding bonus points. All "Wild Card" drivers score double points. Each team will now receive 3 anytime roster changes. To submit a roster change click on your team name and fill out the form all 5 drivers are available to be changed with one move..  Points are accumulated through the entire fantasy racing season.
2013 Registration
Registration is Free,  To view the terms and agreements click here.
Point System:
Position Points
1. 65
2. 60
3. 56
4. 52
5. 48
Free To Enter
Pick You Core Drivers
At Registration you will pick 4 Drivers, one from each group, these drivers (Core Drivers) will be part of your team for the entire Fantasy Racing Season.
"Wild Card" Drivers
At Registration you will be able to pick 1 additional driver "Wild Card" this driver can not be one of your core drivers, the points this driver earns will be double.
2 tickets to a 2014 MOWA race of choice.
2013 MOWA Fantasy Schedule and Results
Date Track Winner 2nd Place 3rd Place
April,12 Jacksonville Speedway Rained Out    
April, 13 Burlington, IA Ian Madsen Terry McCarl Lucas Wolfe
April, 21 Danville, IL Jac Haudenschild Shane Stewart AJ Bruns
May, 4 Spoon River Speedway Postponed    
May, 25 I-55 Raceway Rained Out    
May, 26 Quincy Raceway Rained Out    
June, 2 Jacksonville Speedway Danny Smith Wayne Johnson AJ Bruns
June, 14 Jacksonville Speedway Jimmy Hurley Kaley Gharst AJ Bruns
June, 15 Haubstadt, IN. Shane Stewart AJ Bruns Greg Wilson
June, 22 Montgomery Motorsports Park Joey Moughan Jerrod Hull Paul Nienhiser
July, 24 Highland Speedway Jimmy Hurley Jerrod Hull Greg Wilson
July, 25 Tri-City Speedway Ian Madsen Tony Stewart Kody Kinser
July, 26 Jacksonville Speedway No Results    
July, 27 Macon Speedway Jerrod Hull Jimmy Hurley AJ Bruns
Aug, 24 LaSalle Speedway Bill Balog Scott Neitzel Mike Reinke
Aug, 31 Montgomery Motorsports Park Jerrod Hull Jim Moughan Paul Nienhiser
Sept, 1 Quincy Racways Paul Nienhiser Joey Moughan AJ Bruns
Sept, 7 34 Raceway Danny Lasoski Brian Brown Jason Johnson
Sept, 14 Spoon River Spedway Christopher Bell Jerrod Hull Paul Nienhiser
Oct, 12 Jacksonville Speedway Brian Brown Jerrod Hull Terry McCarl

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