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Ohio Sprint Speedweek Fantasy League
Registration Closed Ohio Sprint Speedweek Fantasy Champions
 Final Top 3 Fantasy Teams
  1. Brewtality
  2. cgw88
  3. Team5m
View Final League Standings

Year Champion
2012 Brewtality
2011 Triplet Racing
2010 FlutesFliers
2012 Ohio Sprint Speedweek Fantasy League
Fantasy Dirt Racing 2012 Sprint Speedweek Fantasy Leagues allows you to compete against friends and other fans from around the world!
Drivers available for the 2012 Ohio Sprint Speedweek Fantasy League will feature 410 Sprint Cars, all drivers who run the Ohio Sprint Speedweek are available
Ohio Sprint Speedweek Schedule
The Fantasy League will run concurrent with Ohio Sprint Speedweek events
Improved Scoring System
Drivers will be scored the same as the official Ohio Sprint Speedweek Point System
2012 Registration

Registration is Free, and available to the first 500 teams

Free To Enter
Pick A Team of Drivers
You will be able to pick your favorite 410 Sprint Car Drivers to complete your team
League Winner
2 Tickets to a All Star Event of Choice

 Ohio Sprint Speedweek 2012 Schedule and Results 

Date Track 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Quick Time
6/22/12 Attica Raceway Danny Holtgraver Craig Mintz Bryan Sebetto Greg Wilson
6/23/12 Waynesfield Park Stevie Smith Cap Henry Tim Shaffer Cap Henry
6/24/12 Cannonball Motor Speedway Kyle Larson Tim Shaffer Shane Stewart Sam Hafertepe Jr.
6/25/12 Wayne County Speedway Kyle Larson Dale Blaney Shane Stewart Logan Schuchart
6/26/12 Sharon Speedway Brandon Matus Paul McMahon Eric Williams Tony Stewart
6/27/12 Fremont Speedway Dale Blaney Tim Shaffer Kyle Larson Dale Blaney
6/28/12 Hilltop Speedway Shane Stewart Tim Shaffer  Dale Blaney David Gravel
6/29/12 Limaland  RAINED OUT
6/30/12 Fremont Speedway Dale Blaney Tim Shaffer Bryan Sebetto Dale Blaney

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