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Williams grove Fantasy League

Registration Open Williams Grove Fantasy Team Champions
Final Top 3 Fantasy Teams
Year Champion
2013 Winning it All
2012 Montieth 21
2011 SCOTT H
2010 Deweasefan 
2014 Williams Grove Fantasy League
Fantasy Dirt Racing's Williams Grove Fantasy Leagues allows you to compete against friends and other
fans from around the world!
Drivers available for the Williams Grove Fantasy League will feature 410 Sprint Cars, and 358 Sprint Car Drivers,
all drivers that race at Williams Grove Speedway are available
Fantasy Racing Schedule
The Fantasy League will start on April 11, 2014 and run through September 12th, their are 12 scheduled races,
if a race is rained out it will not be made up.
Scoring System
The Scoring System is simple, if a driver wins a race he will receive 10 points, 2nd Place will score 5 Points third
place 3 Points, all "Wild Card" driver points are double. Points are accumulated threw the entire fantasy
racing season,
Free To Enter
Pick your Core Drivers
At Registration you will pick 2 Drivers from each division, these drivers (Core Drivers) you will also pick a "wild Card"
Roster Changes
Each team will be awarded 3 roster changes during the season.To submit a roster change click on your team name and fill out the form for each driver you want to change. Teams can change 1 driver or all 5 drivers with one roster move. After a team has used all of their roster moves,  the fantasy team roster will be locked for the remainder of the season.
1st Place: $70 Gift Card
2nd Place: $30 Gift Card
Both Gift Cards are able to be used at Williams Grove for anything at the track including tickets, merchandise, or food!!!
The Gift Cards will be good thru all of 2015 but the winners should receive them before the National Open.
Registration is Free and all teams are subject to the Official Rules and Agreements, to view the official terms and
agreements click here . There will be a maximum of 500 teams in this league.

 Williams Grove 2014 Fantasy Schedule and Results

Date 410 1st Place 410 2nd Place 410 3rd Place 358 1st Place 358  2nd Place 358 3rd Place

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